Stark HP Block Lens High/Low Bay Luminaire


Product Features

  • The use of ventilation plug provides a common temperature balance both inside and outside of armature.
  • Standart product is sold with ON/OFF application.
  • Voltage Range: 100~305 VAC, 142~431 VDC for continuous use; 320 VAC for 24 Hrs; 360 VAC for 1 Hr.
  • 1-10 V Dim, DALI Driver, and Emergency Kit can be applied.
  • Extruded silicone sealed.



BodyAnodized Aluminum Extrusion
LEDHighpower LED
Beam Angle Options30°–45°–60°–90°–115°
DiffuserImpact Resistant Tempered Glass with High Transparency
Inner Cutting SizeSurface Mounted
Color Rendering Index (CRI)> 80
PF (Power Factor)> 95
Operating Voltage100~305 Volt AC
LED Life60.000 Hours
Body Color RAL CodeRAL 9005
Total Power of Luminaire101 Watt
Luminous of Luminaire15.150 Lm
Efficiency of Luminairemin 150 Lm/W (6500 K)
Protection Mark (IP) IP 65 - IP 66
Warranty7 Years
Stark HP Block Lens
More Options

More Options

 Total Power of LuminaireLuminous of LuminaireEfficiency of LuminaireDimensions (mm)
incl. Bracket
Package AmountWeight (kg)
50 Watt52 W7.072 Lmmin 136 Lm/W250x150x16022,4
70 Watt68 W10.540 Lmmin 155 Lm/W480x150x16024,55
Visual: 100 Watt101 W15.150 Lmmin 150 Lm/W560x150x16025,25
120 Watt120 W17.400 Lmmin 145 Lm/W560x150x16025,25
140 Watt137 W19.180 Lmmin 140 Lm/W560x150x16025,25
150 Watt150 W20.400 Lmmin 136 Lm/W630x135x18025,5



Body ColorBlack
Light Color (Kelvin)2700, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6500
Application AreasWarehouses, Factories, Building Surroundings, Parks and Gardens, High Ceilings, Airports, Car Parking Areas
Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Stark High/Low Bay Luminaires