reliability, stability, beauty

We know. In a world full of challenges and competition, reliability, stability and beauty are virtues.

We also know that we can shape ourselves, our environment, and our future for the better only if we internalise and embody these virtues, and
• think
• plan
• design, and
• execute accordingly.


We chose this mindset to guide our customers -mainly comprising civil engineers, architects, and contractors- through all phases of professional LED lighting business.

We do not only design, manufacture and sell,…

but help our customers decide where and what kind of lighting they should use in their construction projects. Additionally, we help them apply their LED armatures on-site, no matter how big or complicated it is.


Being a reliable guide such as North Star, we drew our own unique and beautiful star to present us and illuminate our customers’ road, and called it


Vackerlite supplies beautiful lighting for professionals.

We pay utmost attention to the products we design. So they are…

• functional, they don’t need any decoration
• basic, straightforward, uncomplicated in form
• they’ve got streamlined, well engineered forms
• robust, strong, lasting, sturdy, durable
• stable, safe, secure, reliable

We are a firm of LED designers, manufacturers, exporters and appliers based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our LED products have a wide range of application areas -both public and private- such as highways and streets, airports, factories, parks and gardens, warehouses, silos, hospitals, schools, hotels, swimming pools, football fields, tennis courts, cafe and restaurants, shopping malls, department stores, and high ceilings…


In Bayrampasa/Istanbul, we run an integrated plant for LED lighting and can easily design and manufacture
• in a fraction of time and
• in high volumes.

Our company’s partners and executers consist of civil and electronic engineers, technicians, designers, and marketing managers…

who are in LED lighting business for more than 15 years and experienced in jewellery and textile industries, retail, as well as in B2B.

We invest in our business in order to continue serving our customers at high standards.

We train our employees and follow latest technologies across the world and implement them in our establishment.
We offer
• lighting projects that suit the architecture
• on-site application
• 5 year warranty
• the guarantee of high efficiency for 5 years at low cost
• 7/24 Professional Customer Service
to our customers.

Our Certificates

Meet Vackerlite!

We are experienced, we are professional, we love what we do. We take reliability, stability and beauty as our guide. And we’d love to guide you through the planning,
development and application processes.


Let’s schedule a meeting at your convenience:


Phone: +90 212 565 4045

Email: info@vackerlite.com