Three Phase Track – S

Three-phase rail systems :
Three-phase rail systems stores, public facilities,
surface in many areas such as museums, factories,
offices or you can use it with pendant apparatus.
Request Up to 3 meters in desired dimensions cutting
can be done.
In addition, energy input, energy termination,middle
feeds aparatus and extra aparatus are also
available.The energy input is inserted from the start
point of the rail and for continuity of energy with a
maximum of 3 meters intervals interconnection
apparatus should also be used. When you come to
the end of the rail, you must It should be closed with
its cover. If the pendant rail is desired, the hanger of
the desired length are assembled with wires.

Product Options
Connection aparattues :
Feed UnitMiddle UnitT UnitEnd UnitL Unit
X UnitCoupler Unit Adjustable UnitFlex UnitHanging Unit



Technical Drawings

Three Phase Track S

Connection Aparattues

DALI Connection Aparattues

Hanger Rope